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Hcard-101|Compatibility|Order (Click Here!)


Hcard-101 is an intelligent memory card with multi-bank and multi-device capabilities, purposefully tailored for use with Korg M1, Wavestation, DS8, and A1 models. The Korg M1 synthesizer's voice memory is initially limited to 100 presets, which can be upgraded to 200 presets (1 extra bank) by utilizing a Korg "MCR-03" RAM card. However, the availability of the Korg RAM card is limited due to its discontinuation, rarity, and high cost. These factors collectively render it a less favorable choice for enthusiasts in the modern era. The "Hcard-101" serves as a seamless replacement for the Korg "MCR-03". It boasts the capacity to store up to 126 banks of data, all without concerns about battery lifespan and potential data loss.



  • Memory Capacity: Supports up to 126 banks, segmented as follows: (M1:64 banks, WS: 40 banks, DS8:24 banks, A1:16 banks)
  • Pre-Loaded Soundbanks: Comes with 73 pre-loaded soundbanks, including 57 from Korg ROM cards. Additionally, it contains 11 Hypersynth categorized banks specifically for M1 and more.
  • Touch Pad Accessibility: Instantly switch between different banks using 4 touch pads.
  • Display: Features a 128x128 pixel OLED display (free angle).
  • Adaptive Display: Automatic rotation feature corrects display orientation if the card is inserted in reverse, especially useful for rack-mount devices.
  • Enhanced Memory Protection: An independent "Memory Protect" option for each bank, offering protection without locking the entire card.
  • Customization: Allows user-defined names for banks.
  • Quick Bank Navigation: Easily navigate between banks via the bank list menu.
  • Efficient Management: Use the "Bank Copy" function to duplicate banks without overwriting the internal memory of the synth.
  • Battery-Free: Operates without the need for a battery.
  • Robust Build: CNC metal case sporting a scratch-resistant grey anodized finish.
  • Compatibility: Drop-in replacement for the Korg "MCR-03" RAM card.
  • Extensive Device Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Korg M1, M1-EX, M1R, M1R-EX, T1, T2, T3, WS, WS-EX, WS-A/D, DS8, and A1.

M1 Dedicated Features:

  • Format Decoding: Displays the format of the selected bank on the main screen.(100prg/100cmb, 50prg/50cmb/4200seq, 7700seq)
  • Capture Program: Presents valuable details about the chosen program, including its compatibility with M1/M1EX, or any requirements for an external PCM card.
  • List Program: Showcases 8 program names simultaneously, allowing for quick access and browsing of desired sounds.
  • Bank Info: Provides a comprehensive report highlighting the number of programs in the chosen bank that utilize M1 waveforms, M1EX waveforms, or External PCM card waveforms.

WS Dedicated Feature:

  • Dynamic Update: Automatically updates the card name on the Wavestation display upon selecting a new bank on the Hcard.



Hcard-101 comes with 73 pre-loaded soundbanks, featuring many of the rarest Korg ROM cards and factory preload data for supported synthesizers. On top of that, it includes 11 categorized banks specifically for M1, stamped with the HyperSynth signature. These banks offer 1100 programs, handpicked from thousands of available free banks for the Korg M1. The layout of these soundbanks makes choosing sounds a breeze.



Larger Size

Larger Size

Larger Size

Larger Size

Larger Size

Larger Size

# Bank Name (M1 Mode 64 banks) # Bank Name # Bank Name
00 Korg M1 Factory Preload 12 Korg MPC12 "Synth 3" 24 HyperSynth "Guitars"
01 Korg MPC01 "Variety" 13 Korg MPC13 "Ethnic 2" 25 HyperSynth "SynthBass"
02 Korg MPC02 "Synth 1" 14 Korg MPC14 "Sound Effects" 26 HyperSynth "Drums"
03 Korg MPC03 "Drums 1" 15 Korg MPC15 "Drums 2" 27 HyperSynth "Keys & Organs"
04 Korg MPC04 "Orchestra 1" 16 Korg MPC16 "Environment" 28 HyperSynth "Percussions"
05 Korg MPC05 "Piano" 17 Korg M1-EX Factory 29 HyperSynth "Effects"
06 Korg MPC06 "Fretted Instruments 1" 18 Korg T3 Factory A 30 HyperSynth "Strings"
07 Korg MPC07 "Synth 2" 19 Korg T3 Factory B 31 HyperSynth "Analog Emulations"
08 Korg MPC08 "Percussion" 20 Korg M1 SEQ 32 HyperSynth "Pads"
09 Korg MPC09 "Organ" 21 Korg M1-EX SEQ 33 HyperSynth "Winds"
10 Korg MPC10 "Ethnic 1" 22 General MIDI 34 User bank (34-63)
11 Korg MPC11 "Brass" 23 HyperSynth "Pianos"    
# Bank Name (WS Mode 40 Banks) # Bank Name # Bank Name
00 Korg WS Internal ROM 09 Korg WPC-15 "Dance/Top 40" 18 Korg WPC-3S "Synth & Time Slice"
01 Korg WPC-00PI RAM1 factory preload 10 Korg WPC-16 "Wavestation Omnibus" 19 MCR03-WS "Legendary Prophet-VS Sounds"
02 Korg WPC-00PII RAM2 factory preload 11 Korg WPC-17 "Studio Collection" 20 MCR03-WS1 "Standard Synthesizer Sounds"
03 Korg WPC-00PIII RAM3EX factory preload 12 Korg WPC-18 "U.K. Modern" 21 MCR03-WS2 "Future Pad Sounds"
04 Korg WPC-0AD RAM3AD 13 Korg WPC-19ex "Film Textures" 22 MCR03-WS3 "Dancing Wavestation"
05 Korg WPC-11 "Performance 1" 14 Korg WPC-20ex "Song Factory" 23 MCR03-WS4 "Vocoder Effects & External"
06 Korg WPC-12 "Performance 2" 15 Korg WPC-J01 "Analog Freak" 24 MCR03 "Vector World"
07 Korg WPC-13 "Performance 3" 16 Korg WPC-1S "Piano"  25 User bank (25-39)
08 Korg WPC-14 "Analog & VS"  17 Korg WPC-2S "Drums & Percussion"    
# Bank Name (DS8 Mode 26 Banks) # Bank Name # Bank Name
00 Korg DS8 Factory Preload 02 Korg DSCU-400 Synth Special Effects 04 Korg DSCU-400 Factory Programs
01 Korg DSCU-400 Performance Patches 03 Korg DSCU-400 NY Session Sounds 05 User bank (05-23)
# Bank Name (A1 Mode 16 Banks) # Bank Name # Bank Name
00 Korg A1 Factory Preload 04 Korg A1 Guitar 08 Korg A1 Studio
01 Korg A1 DelayAcou 05 Korg A1 LA Session 09 User bank (09-15)
02 Korg A1 DistSpWah 06 Korg A1 Modulation    
03 Korg A1 EQDrumPanRspTrem 07 Korg A1 Reverb    

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