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MINIAK Editor 2.2 & "request patch"

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:45 pm
by Hajott
Hallo Everybody,

I am a complete Newbie in using the Miniak Editor and the Miniak itself; i just bought a used one in very good condition to use it in a band of young students as "replacement" for a MIniMoog (Bass or Lead)(definitely cheaper, soundwise good enough, only the GUI reminds me of my first steps of desperately trying to edit my first DX7 in the eighties:-)

Since the Mac-Version of the editor is only vs.1.8 I am using a virtual machine on my macPro with Windows 7 Systemsoftware and Miniak-Editor 2.2 plus a USB->MIDI Interface to connect both, Mac & Miniak.

So far, eveerything seems to work, parameters can be changed in realtime,
programchanges on the Miniak (by turning the DATA-Buttun) are transmitted to the editor,
the programnumbers that are shown in the editor correlate to the sounds in the "ALL"-bank in the Miniak


pressing the "request patch"-button in the editor seems not to work properly - if I repeat pressing the "Request Patch" button several times (without changing the sound on Miniak) I get a new setting in the Editor every time,
oscillators have different waveshapes every time, sin/tri/pulse change, sometimes there is NO waveform to be seen in the waveform-icon
the program name is never transmitted correctly, most of the time I see things like <ô€Foilàe€>

Does anybody else make these experiences or am I the only one?

Thanks a lot for tips & ideas,


Re: MINIAK Editor 2.2 & "request patch"

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:31 pm
by Hajott
Here the answer of Alen from Hypersynth - inbetween of 20 minutes!!! :-)
Thank's a lot Alen!
"Yes it is a famous issue.
Request patch transmits/receives large sysex packet.
Some cheap USB to MIDI adaptors cannot handle that.
Some brands specially Motu are not compatible with Miniak Sysex data.
Please check it out using another midi interface.
We suggest M-Audio."