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SIDizer Version History:

v1.4 Additions & Fixes:

-Fixed LED buttons reversed on/off order.

v1.3 Additions & Fixes:

-Added new skin + several GUI enhancements.
-Added 6 new mod sources: "Note number, Aftertouch, MIDI Breath, MIDI Foot, MIDI Expression, Constant".
-Added 4 new mod destinations: "Main Volume, Matrix 1-3 Depth".
-Added option to set sound engine quality based on C64 hardware or host sample rate.
-Added zero value for Pitch Wheel range.
-Added MIDI learn and default CC assignment for most of the parameters.
-Now SIDizer responds to MIDI "program change" and "all notes off" messages.
-Now in the mod matrix "LFO1 noise" and "LFO2 noise" are renamed to "Random Unipolar" and "Random Bipolar" and their functions are updated to match the corresponding name.
-Fixed Pitch wheel asymmetric problem when it was used as a mod source.
-Fixed issue in modulating filter and oscillators amplitudes.
-Fixed minor readout issues.
-Updated documentation: (Added MIDI Implementation Chart, CC tables, etc).

v1.2 Additions & Fixes:

- Added new modulation source: LFO S/H
- Added Loop point option for wavetable sequencer
- Fixed crash while changing filter types
- Fixed issue with a preset manager lock feature that was produced in v1.1.

v1.1 Additions & Fixes:

- Added wavetable sequencer.
- Added a new mod destination called "OSCx PitchExtreme", which modulates pitch through the 8-octave range.
- Added "lock to 1" option for routing OSC2 and 3 signals to OSC1 amplitude envelope input (useful when the same setting is needed for three envelopes).
- Added option to display preset number.
- Added readout for attack and decay curve.
- Now Acrv, Dcrv, and mod matrix depth respond to double click for resetting to default.
- Fixed several readout issues (plugin to host).
- Fixed problem in LFO output signal (SAW and SQR) that did not start at zero phases when retrig was on.
- Fixed crashing when opening multiple instances of the same plugin in Cubase.
- Improved compatibility with VST hosts.
- Sound-engine code optimized to save up to 30% CPU load.
- Improved Mod Matrix GUI.
- Increased number of presets to 100
- Added documentation; PDF.


Initial release


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