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Hcard-750 (Roland D-50) |Compatibility|Order


Hypersynth multibank cartridge "Hcard-750" is specially designed for expanding the memory of Roland D-50 synthesizer. D-50 voice memory is limited to 64 presets (1 bank), which could be upgraded to 128 presets by adding an external "M-256" memory card. "M-256" card is discontinued, rare, and expensive and It relies on a battery for data retention. These flaws make it not a good choice for D-50 lovers in the modern age. "Hcard-750" can be used as a drop-in replacement for Roland "M-256" card, it stores up to 64 banks without the worry of battery life and data loss.



-Memory size: Up to 64 banks (4096 presets).
-Instant access to different banks using touch buttons.
-Two digits bank indicator display.
-No need for a battery.
-Drop in replacement for Roland "M-256" and "DATA ROM" cards.
-Hidden "Memory Protect" option.
-External display support for listing all 64 presets in the selected bank.


"Hcard-750" is loaded with default D-50 factory soundbank plus 11 soundbanks which are selected carefully out of thousands of available free banks for D50. These soundbanks are categorized in a way to simplify the workflow of sound selection.


Additions and Fixes (REV.2):

-CNC metal case with scratch-free red anodized finish.
-Colored touch buttons.
-Upgraded to new PCB with new microprocessor and more stable firmware.
-Hcard-750 now draws less power from the D-50 power supply.




Larger Size


Soundbank Description (1 bank = 64 presets) Soundbank Description (1 bank = 64 presets)
00-Factory D-50 Factory Soundbank 06-Bass 1 Collection of Bass sounds
01-Piano/Organ Collection of Piano, Organ and Marimba sounds 07-Bass 2 Collection of Bass sounds
02-String/Orch Collection of String and Orchestral sounds 08-Analog Set 1 Collection of Analog sounds (Leads, ShortSynths)
03-Woodwind Collection of Woodwind, Sax and horn sounds 09-Analog Set 2 Collection of Analog sounds (Vintage Emulation)
04-Bell Collection of Bell type sounds 10-Pad Collection of Pad sounds
05-Brass Collection of Anlog and Acoustic Brass sounds 11-Soundscape Collection of FX and Soundscape sounds

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