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Hcard-705 (Yamaha DX5 - DX1)|Order


Hypersynth "Hcard-705" is a multibank cartridge pair for expanding the external memory of Yamaha DX5 and DX1. DX5/1 voice memory is limited to 32 presets for each parts A and B, which could be upgraded to 64 presets by adding an external Yamaha "Data RAM" cartridge. "Data RAM" is discontinued, rare, and expensive. Its third-party versions rely on a battery for data retention. "Hcard-705" can be used as a drop-in replacement for Yamaha "DATA RAM" cartridge. it stores up to 400 banks per cartridge without the worry of battery life and data loss. Hcard-705 is compatible with DX5/1 voice and performance format.


-Memory size for voice: Up to 800 banks (25600 Voices, card A+B).
-Memory size for performance: Up to 400 banks (25600 Perfs, card A).
-Loaded with 52 voicebanks per card.
-Loaded with 2 performance banks (Hyper-Bank + Yamaha Factory).
-Instant access to different banks using touch buttons.
-Two digits bank indicator display.
-No need for a battery.
-Drop in replacement for "Data RAM", "Voice ROM" and "Perf Rom" cartridge.
-Hidden "Memory Protect" option.
-Compatible with Yamaha DX5 and DX1.

Performance Banks (Hyper-Bank + Yamaha Factory):

Performance is the magic part of DX1/5 which enables Dual and Split modes. In single mode, the DX1/5 engine is nothing more than a DX7 MKI. Hyper-Bank is the first third-party and commercially available performance bank for Yamaha DX1/5. Hyper-Bank contains 64 presets in 8 categories: Gated/Rhythmic, Synth, Pad, Yamaha Bests, Key/Piano, Bell, Bass/Lead, Misc. The sounds cover new age, ambient, retro, vintage electro, disco, and EDM genres.


Voice Banks:

"Hcard-705" pair is loaded with 52 voicebanks per card:

-Hyper-Bank voices (Bank 0-1)
-Yamaha DX1/DX5 original voice ROMs (Bank 2-3)
-All Hcard-701 soundbanks (Bank 4-27)
-All Yamaha VRC-1XX cartridges (Bank 28-51)
-Default banks (Bank 52-399)

These soundbanks are categorized in a way to simplify the workflow of sound selection.


Additions and Fixes (REV.2):

-CNC metal case with scratch-free golden anodized finish.
-Chamfered edge bottom side that provides easy insertion.
-Colored touch buttons.
-CNC milled edge connector for robust connectivity with slot socket.
-Upgraded from 2L to 4L PCB with new microprocessor and more stable firmware.
-Hcard-705 now draws less power from the DX5/1 power supply.



Larger Size

Larger Size

Larger Size

Soundbank Description (1 bank = 32 presets) Soundbank Description (1 bank = 32 presets)
00-Hyper-Bank 1 HyperSynth Voice Bank 1 - Card A/B 27-Factory DX7 4B Synth, Complex & Effects Group
01-Hyper-Bank 2 HyperSynth Voice Bank 2 - Card A/B 28-VRC-101 A Keyboard, Plucked & Tuned Percussion Group A
02-Factory DX1/5 Yamaha Original Vioce ROM 1 - Card A/B 29-VRC-101 B Keyboard, Plucked & Tuned Percussion Group B
03-Factory DX1/5 Yamaha Original Vioce ROM 2 - Card A/B 31-VRC-102 A Wind Instrument Group A
04-Bells Set 1 Collection of bell sounds 32-VRC-102 B Wind Instrument Group B
05-Bells Set 2 Collection of bell sounds 33-VRC-103 A Sustain Group A
06-Bass Set Collection of bass sounds 34-VRC-103 B Sustain Group B
07-Harp Set Collection of Harp sounds 35-VRC-104 A Percussion Group A
08-Organ Set Collection of organ sounds 36-VRC-104 B Percussion Group B
09-Guitar set Collection of guitar sounds 37-VRC-105 A Sound Effect Group A
10-String set Collection of string sounds 38-VRC-105 B Sound Effect Group B
11-Moog set Collection of Moog synth emulation 39-VRC-106 A Synthesizer Group A
12-Waldorf Set Collection of Waldorft synth emulation 40-VRC-106 B Synthesizer Group B
13-Analog Vntg Collection of analog sounds 41-VRC-107 A Special Selection "David Bristow" A
14-Synth Brass Collection of brass sounds 42-VRC-107 B Special Selection "David Bristow" B
15-Synth Pad 1 Collection of electronic pad sounds 43-VRC-108 A Special Selection "Gary Leuenberger" A
16-Synth Pad 2 Collection of electronic pad sounds 44-VRC-108 B Special Selection "Gary Leuenberger" B
17-Marimba Set Collection of marimba sounds 45-VRC-109 A Studio 64 A
18-E-Piano Collection of E-Piano sounds 46-VRC-109 B Studio 64 B
19-Fender Rhd Collection of Fender Rhodes sounds 46-VRC-110 A Special Selection "Bo Tomlyn" A
20-Factory DX7 1A - Master Group (Japanese Version) 47-VRC-110 B Special Selection "Bo Tomlyn" B
21-Factory DX7 1B - Keyboard & Plucked Group 48-VRC-111 A Special Selection "Bo Tomlyn II" A
22-Factory DX7 2A - Orchestral & Percussive Group 49-VRC-111 B Special Selection "Bo Tomlyn II" B
23-Factory DX7 2B - Synth, Complex & Effects Group 50-VRC-112 A Live 64 A
24-Factory DX7 3A - Master Group (American Version) 51-VRC-112 B Live 64 B
25-Factory DX7 3B - Keyboard & Plucked Group 52-199 Default Voice (Card A and B)
26-Factory DX7 4A - Orchestral & Percussive Group 200-399 Default Perf bank Card A, Default Voice Card B

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