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Hcard-701 (Yamaha DX7 MKI) |Compatibility|Order

DX7 OS Version History:

We suggest all customers upgrade their DX7 OS to the latest version 1.8. The previous versions suffer from several critical MIDI-related bugs. Unfortunately, no formal reference classifies DX7 version history. The items in the following list have been gathered based on several official and non-official resources. If you purchased "Hcard-701", please send us your feedback and mention your OS version.n.

OS Version Hcard-701 Compatibilty ROM Chip Part Number Serial# Range Version in Test Menu Release Date
v1.0 Not Tested IG175700 + IG175750 001001-002660 -- 1983
v1.1 OK IG114610 002661-024880
Blank --
v1.x * OK IG114640 024881-025124
M1.0-1.6 1984
v1.7 Not Tested IG114670 099594-110585
-- --
v1.8 OK IG114680 110586-111085
M1.0-1.8 24-Oct-85 Oct 1985
v1.8 OK IG114680 131600-UP M1.0-1.8 24-Oct-85 Oct 1985
SER-7 OK -- -- Special Edition ROMl v1.0 --
Super-Max OK -- -- SuperMax Expansion --
E! Gray OK -- -- E! Gray Matter Expansion --

* v1.x mentioned as 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 (must be confirmed)

How to find my DX7 OS version number?

For this purpose, you must enter "DX7 Test Mode". To enter "Test Mode", while holding down the function button, press button 16 then 32. The display will show a term like this "M1.0-1.8" that "M1.0" stands for MIDI version 1.0 and 1.8 stands for OS version.

How to upgrade DX7 OS to the latest version?

You need to ask a technician to open your device and replace the ROM chip.

Is Hcard-701 compatible with Yamaha DX5 or DX1?

No, Hcard-701 is not compatible. But we are developing a cartridge pair called "Hcard-705" which is specially designed to save/load the voice and performance of Yamaha DX5/DX1.

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