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XEditor Version History

v1.5 Additions & Fixes:
-Added support for Duophonic mode.
-Added indicators that show incoming/outgoing MIDI messages separately.
-Now every control change on Xenophone is reflected on XEditor window (NRPN/CC Back Sync).
-Now the readouts for "LFO rate","ENV paremeters" and "Mod Matrix Depth" match the numbers on HW.
-Now VST version is available in 3 sizes: Zoom=100%, 125%, 150%.
-Fixed problem of "Seq-Hold Step 12" that did not send NRPN message.
-Fixed bug that prevented updating of "SEQ-Hold Step13" value via sysex.
-Fixed minor issue in echo mode, receiving manual dump and filtering MIDI messages.
-Fixed problem that did not allow receiving "prg/bnk change" message via MIDI controller Input.

* Only Compatible with Firmware v2.1

v1.4 Additions & Fixes:
-Added request patch from Xenophone memory (edit buffer and selectable programs).
-Added option to load sysex files into the editor.
-Added option to send sysex files via XEditor to Xenophone.
-Added option for saving Xenophone programs as sysex file.
-Added new MIDI Controller Input (back panel).
-Added indicator LED for MIDI Out traffic.
-Fixed update issue of "program number" segmented display.
-Added documentation; PDF.

* Only Compatible with Firmware v1.71

v1.3 Additions & Fixes:
-Updated Arp span: "Ordered".
-Updated Arp octave range.
-Fixed sequencer wrap right arrow button issue (wrap>10).

v1.2 Additions & Fixes:
-Now program name will be updated in hardware instantly after using "rename", "update_edit_buffer" and "XNP file load".
-Added option for inc/dec program number 1 step.
-Added option for disabling the load of prg/bnk number from editor preset. (back panel)
-Fixed program numbering issue which started from zero.
-Fixed Arp range problem.
-Fixed bug that caused update_edit_buffer malfunction in auto mode.
-Updated new porta modes: "legato Scaled, Always Scaled".
-Updated new envelope trigger modes: "Analog2, #FootP".
-Now standalone and VST version load the same MIDI-IN device.

v1.1 Additions & Fixes:
- Added new types for oscillator waveform and distortion
- Added loop indicator for Amp envelope and fixed hold indicator enable point
- Now "update edit buffer" does not refresh the hardware display
- Rename command is changed to match the hardware command format
- LFO rate default value is set to 1Hz
- Fixed problem in loading semitone value
- Fixed aftertouch wheel malfunction
- Fixed oscillator key-track issue that did not transmit correct data

- Initial release

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