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Oresus Version History:

v1.2 Additions & Fixes:

-Increased number of factory presets to 100.
-Now Acrv and Dcrv in all envelopes respond to "Ctrl + click" for resetting to default.
-Fixed crashing when opening multiple instances of the same plugin in Cubase.
-Fixed several problems in LFO retrig function.
-Fixed malfunction in oscillator "phase" and "phase a-b".
-Fixed problem in step-lfo that did not load step values from *.ors files.
-Fixed a problem with displaying preset name with more than 19 characters.
-Fixed problem in polyphony selector which caused unwanted jump or lock.
-Slight code optimization.
-Minor GUI enhancement
-Updated documentation.

v1.1 Additions & Fixes:

-Added mono/stereo unison up to 5 voices.
-Added link option in "stereo unison" mode for filter 1, 2.
-Added Step LFO module that is integrated with gate steps.
-Fixed gate sync problem while playing more than one note.
-Fixed an issue that did not allow "WSM A>B" to be saved in preset.
-Fixed a problem which caused to generate unwanted DC offset in PW modulation.
-Fixed hard coded key-track malfunction that attenuated high notes very much.
-Redesigned gate module graphics.


Initial release


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