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Version History:

v1.2 Additions & Fixes:

-Added advanced LFO (freq=0.01-30.00Hz with 0.01Hz resolution per step)
-Added new filter envelope (range=0.001-4s with 0.001ms resolution per step)
-Added new envelope2 (range=0.001-4s with 0.001ms resolution per step) which can modulate Pulse Width,Pitch and lfo rate.
-Added ultra fast arpeggiator which is capable to produce classic and SIDish arp up to 4000bpm tempo.
-Added save and restore for MIDI-out device
-Added auto preset update after plugin startup
-Fixed a problem with displaying MIDI device names more than 26 characters
-Fixed OSC3 synchronization bug
-Fixed a problem that was causing the played note to be sustained or muted when using pitch wheel.
-Fixed unwanted note sustain when switching from mono to poly mode.
-Fixed a bug in processing note off message with zero velocity
-Fixed FPB button inverse function
-Fixed transferring FPB(Link to) status to HW unit while sending a preset
-Fixed a problem in SID oscillators noise waveshape that deselected other waveshapes
-Fixed conflict in MIDI device which caused freezing in Nuendo and Cubase
-Migration from non-standard MIDI messages to NRPN for parameters that need 14bit resolution
-Updated all parameters names to the new recognizable groups
-Improved preciseness while responding to host automation
-Improved frequency display for SID filter and PW
-Huge GUI redesign
-Cured keyboard problem which did not respond to mouse click
-Preset manager drop down list is now limited to the plugin window
-2x faster startup and much less CPU usage for plugin
-Redesigned factory presets

v1.1 Additions & Fixes:

- Added Pitch-bend wheel with adjustable range
- New Oscillator Sync option
- New Oscillator Phase Sync
- Added logarithmic and linear curve mode for filter Cut off
- Added Key and velocity tracking for Cut off
- Added FPB control module
- Added HW unit reset option
- Fixed transpose and cent issue when resetting to default
- Little GUI redesign
- HyperSID now sends more descriptive messages to host when
tweaking parameters


Initial release

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