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Hcard-750 (Roland D-50) |Compatibility|Order

D-50 OS Version History:

Roland manufactured D-50 from 1987 to 1989. During this time, Roland gradually upgraded D-50 operating system from initial version 1.04 to v2.x. Until now, "Hcard-750" has been tested under 7 different versions. We did not have chance to find v2.00 because over 200,000 of D-50 were made by Roland and OS revisions are installed semi-randomly among different batches. If you purchased "Hcard-750", please send us your feedback and mention your OS version:

OS Version Hcard-750 Compatibilty CPU Chip Part Number Serial# Range Description
v1.04 OK UPD-78312G-017 -- Roland Official OS
v1.05 OK UPD-78312G-017 xx5300-xx6399
Roland Official OS
v1.06 OK UPD-78312G-017 xx6400-xx7299
Roland Official OS
v1.10 OK UPD-78312G-017 Service Use Roland Official OS
v2.00 Not Tested UPD-78312G-022 808000 - 811699 Roland Official OS
v2.10 OK UPD-78312G-022 811700 - UP Roland Official OS
v2.21 OK UPD-78312G-022 -- --
MEX OK MEX expansion -- Third Party

How to check my D-50 D OS version number?

Turn on the power while pressing down [0] and [increment] of panel button. The display will show the OS version.

How to upgrade D-50 OS to the latest version?

You need to ask a technician to open your device, and replace the ROM chip.

Is Hcard-750 compatible with Roland D-550, D-70, JD-800, JD-990 or JV-series?

No, Hcard-750 is not compatible regarding differences in memory card's slot. A new version of Hcard is under development which promises to support these gears.


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